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The NGFF SSD product electrically complies with the SATA-III standards an dis-electrically compatible with a serial ATA disk drive. In order to meet the high quality,

our SSD products utilize high performance SATA-III SSD controller from SMI. Moreover, to ensure the data integrity, many advanced technologies are used such

as dynamic bad block management, dynamic and static wear-leveling, and error correction code(ECC).

The NGFF SSD drastically out performs conventional Hard Disk Drives. In addition, the NGFF Series could also provide rugged features in industrial PC under an

extreme environment with a high MTBF.


Storage Capacity 120GB to 1TB

Size 22 x 42 mm / 22 x 60 mm / 22 x 80 mm

Interface NGFF

Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 10

Mac OS 9.0 or later

Linux Kernel 2.4.2 or later

Certificate CE / FCC / ROHS

Speed Test

22 x 80 mm (120G)

22 x 80 mm (240G)

22 x 80 mm (480G)